King Monada craves for collaboration with Namadingo

South Africa’s renowned musician King Monada has expressed his interest to work with Malawi’s celebrated singer Patience Namadingo.

Commenting on a reggae mashup involving Namadingo and the veteran Giddes Chalamanda, the Malwedhe star has expressed his desire to team up with the Mapulani hit maker in a music project.

“Please connect me with Namadingo, I would really love to work with him,” said Monada.


In response to Monada’s comment, some Malawians have said this is an opportunity for Namadingo to raise his profile higher in the region.

“King Monada is well known in South Africa as such a collaboration with him will benefit Dr Namadingo,” said Paul Kamuyambeni.

Rhodha Nyangulu said: “Go Namadingo go Dr, make other people know that in Malawi we also have music.”

Born Khutso Steven Kgatle, the South African singer, songwriter and record producer took the continent by storm with his Malwedhe hit. The song was his ticket to stardom.

Patience says he is on a mission to make a name in the SADC region.

“Like any other country in region, South Africa will not be spared from spanking hot sounds,” he posted.


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