K6.2 billion scandal:  MP calls for emergency Parliament meeting


Member of Parliament for Nsanje Lalanje Gladys Ganda says an emergency meeting of Parliament should be held to investigate the K6.2 billion Covid-19 funds scandal.

Speaking to the local media, Ganda who is also chairperson of Budget and Finance Committee of Parliament said Parliament should meet to institute a probe into how Covid-19 committees used the funds which they were given.

“We also as parliament need to scrutinise how those funds are being utilised so that the public is left with no doubt as to whether the money is serving its purpose or not,” said Ganda.

She noted that the Tonse Alliance was voted into power after promising Malawians to be transparent in its affairs.

“I believe this is an opportunity for government to demonstrate that transparency by accounting down to the last penny of this K6.2 billion meant for Covid-19,” said Ganda.

She added that Parliament will also be able to scrutinize how the K17.5 billion released last month for Covid-19 fight is being used.

According to Ganda, since all MPs cannot meet due to Covid-19, the Budget and Finance Committee; Public Accounts Committee (PAC) and the Health Committee can meet to scrutinize reports from the Covid-19 cluster committees.

For weeks, Covid-19 cluster committees have been failing to account how the K6.2 billion was used in the fight against the pandemic. There are reports that about 50 percent of the money was used for allowances.