Where is Chilima, Malawians ask as SKC hibernates


Malawians on social media are wondering why Vice President Saulos Chilima has been quiet in recent weeks, saying they want him to speak about the Tonse Alliance promises.

After the Tonse Alliance’s win last year, Chilima used to update Malawians about his activities on his Facebook page almost everyday. But the last post on the page is from January 19 when Chilima wrote about his speech during the launch of Vision 63 which was held virtually on the same. He also attended a Coronavirus meeting in Lilongwe earlier in January.

Chilima’s hibernation led to reports that he was self-isolating after testing positive for Coronavirus but these reports were dismissed as fake news by his spokesperson Pilirani Phiri.

With President Lazarus Chakwera addressing Malawians on two occasions over the past two weeks, Malawians have been asking about the whereabouts of Chilima as they want him to be accountable for the Tonse Alliance campaign promises which include creation of one million jobs, provision of loans and free water connection.

“He is now very quiet we need his promises,” said Fred Dean Wa Chitedze.

“By the way I have missed Chilima is he around or ali kunja ?? asked another person on Facebook.

Dr Saulos Klaus Chilima are u still in Malawi?,” wrote Schophen Major Snr

One Facebook user claimed that Chilima’s silence is part of his strategy of distancing himself from the Chakwera administration following Chakwera’s recent admission that Tonse Alliance promises have been abandoned due to Coronavirus pandemic.

“After the Captain already said the Ship has hit a stone and the raging storm, therefore will not be able to fulfill Tonse promises/manifesto. He (Chilima) is saving himself for tomorrow, he will be an alternative to Chakwera if Chakwera continues to fail. Even in 2025 it’s already clear that Chakwera will seek a second term therefore Chilima needs to have a separate image from Chakwera,” the social media.

However, some Malawians have argued that Chilima has been working on tasks which Chakwera delegated to him.

“Chilima has been assigned to so many tasks that he’s busy working on them, hence silence as he is concentrating on the assignments that his boss has trusted him with. If you have nothing to write, just leave it other than writing nonsense issues,” said Egar Mkanda.

A member of Chilima’s UTM Winnie Nyondo also claimed that Chilima has been busy carrying out his duties.




  1. All you want is kucheza when the VP has more important things to do. if you have nothing to do don’t do it with the vp

  2. Chilima is a very busy person and I bet you not to engage him on mediocrity things. Campaign promises are subject to put on hold if there is an emerging and crucial matter to take on.

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