Drunk Police officer in viral clip to be punished


Malawi Police Service (MPS) says it will discipline and make an example of the Police officer who got drunk while in uniform and was captured in a viral video clip.

Police spokesperson James Kadadzera has identified the officer as Sub Inspector Maxwell Muhana based at Zomba Police Station.


In the video clip that has been shared widely on social media, the officer in full police uniform is seen struggling to walk and he falls to the ground on several occasions.

According to Kadzadera, Muhana’s behavior is unacceptable in the police service and MPS will make an example of him.

“The police officer falls short of professional standards expected of a law enforcer. Drinking whilst on duty and in police uniform is a disciplinary offence. The measures against him will likely deter other officers from repeating the same misconduct, ” said Kadadzera.

Some Malawians on social media have argued that it is the habit of some officers to get drunk while on duty or in uniform and Muhana is just unfortunate.

“He is just unlucky that he has been caught, otherwise there is a lot of police officers outside there with the same malpractice,” said one person on social media.