Zani Challe clamps on sexist remarks


South African based Malawian musician-cum-model Zani Challe has spat fire at a social media user in the name of Gift Shaba, in response to sexist remarks he made against her.

In his comment on Zani’s post, Shaba asked as to why the Femcee is still childless. He questioned, “anzanu atenga mimba inu muchedwa pati? (Your friends are getting pregnant, to what do we owe your delay?)

Shaba’s comment inspired a deadly response from Chiphadzuwa Cha Malawi, as Zani Challe is fondly known.

“Because last time I checked, you don’t finance my life nor will you my kids’ life. It pisses me off when people bring babies into this world that they can’t care for. I will never be such a person,” Said Chiphadzuwa

She added that she will be a mother when she will be ready, thus no need to pressurize her.

“When am good and ready I will have kids. Until then mind the reproductive system that minds you. I beg”

Her temperamental response has drawn mixed reactions from the public. Others argue that she is justified to respond in that way while others believe it is not good for a public figure of her calibre.

“Wow what a great response. Why do some people mind other people’s business that much?” Commented Richie Mzembe.

Timothy Mkwaila wrote, “Celebrities are not supposed to respond in that way to their followers no matter how annoying they can be.”