Activist releases song about environmental degradation

An environmental activist has released a song which exposes how human activities have contributed to environmental degradation and climate change.

The activists Maloto Chinkombero says the song, titled Mudzi, advocates for people’s change of mindset towards nature as a way of addressing the crisis.

“The song talks about how human development has made the world worse through fossil fuels, production of products that are degrading Environment, bush fires, and how dull people have become towards natural resources.

“It also exposes the negative effects of these activities on wildlife and people which include low agricultural production due to land pollution among others,” said Chinkombero,

The song urges the general public to start being committed to environmental conservation for the sake of today’s wellbeing and future generations.

It is part of a yet to be released album called ‘Environmental Advocacy Music Project’. Chinkombero said the overall objective of the project is to advocate the best environmental policies and practices in Malawi.

Last month, the environmental activist removed waste along the M1 road from 6 Miles in Lilongwe as a way of fighting against poor waste disposal.