Tay Grin’s Instagram show draws mixed reactions

Malawi’s internationally recognised musician Tay Grin has sparked yet another debate on social media after encouraging women to twerk in return for money.

The Nyau King has broken the internet with his Instagram live session dubbed Grin’s Fire Friday. In the virtual happening, he connects with his fanbase.

In the latest episode which was staged the previous night, Tay was encouraging women to twerk in return for money. Some quarters have argued that the nature of his latest edition is demeaning to women. Others believe it is just an innocent virtual connection.

“This is very sad, he is encouraging promiscuity. A musician of his Calibre should always refrain from influencing others negatively,” commented Doris Msokera.

Others believe the 2 by 2 hit maker whose real name is Limbani Kalilani, should have used the money in fighting Covid-19 pandemic.

Yammie Nkhoma commented: “Sadly in the midst of the epidemic that has engulfed most part of the world, some are still insensitive and instead of donating to the citizenry fund, they are busy showing their immaturity. Check your priorities sir.”

Others have argued that the entertainer is entitled to what he does with his money.

“There are many problems in the world and they call not all be solved. Spending money on fun must not be mistaken for waste of resources. Grin’s Fire Friday on fire!,” Said Paul Mkwaila.

Aggy Imedie said there is nothing wrong with the show. She commented, “I don’t really know why you are a taking this to the head. After all it’s his money.”

Kalilani promised to give K200, 000 to the best female dancer. Some reports indicate that the prize money skyrocketed to K500, 000.


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  1. the was nothing wrong here those who twirled was for money not free he does some charities but he can not use all his money for charity he have to enjoy life with his money this is the kind of enjoying your money

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