David Kansenza sells Ford Ranger for Covid-19

Malawian businessperson David Kansenza, who owns Davina Furnishures, has sold his Ford Ranger for K10 million and has donated the money to the Citizens Covid-19 Response Initiative.

Kansenza announced the donation in a Facebook post on Friday saying the increase in number of COVID 19 cases has forced him to make the sacrifice of moving from his comfort zone to save lives.

On Thursday this week, Kansenza advertised his Ford Ranger which he has used for just over a year. He assured prospective buyers not to be worried by the cheap price of K10 million saying he had an emergency.

On Friday, Kansenza confirmed that he had sold the car and some of his Facebook reacted by asking for loans while others told him to fund their Friday plans.

Kansenza then surprised people when he revealed the real reason for selling his ‘baby’.

Sold: The Ford Ranger

“The past two weeks has made me realise what really matters in life. There are things that you can get after working hard and disciplining yourself but with life, once lost then the chapter is closed. I don’t want to wake up one-day regretting that I could have done something and save the lives of two or more people in the process.

“Am here to honour Onjezani Kenani’s initiative of curbing the spread of the virus and equipping our health facilities by donating K10,000,000 (ten million kwacha) towards it,” said Kansenza.

The generous Malawian has been trending on social media following his selfless act as Malawians are praising him for making a huge contribution to the fight against the pandemic.

“May you live long, only God who rewards in secret will surely surprise you. You have challenged God, and may HE overtake you,” one person wrote on Kansenza Facebook wall.

“God bless your family for the kind and timely gesture towards the assisting COVID 19 patients. As one who has lost close friends and relations, as one who works in the health Sector KCH to be precise, I know how bad things are. This will go a long way. What a selfless couple you are. Angels in Human form. Once again God bless you abundantly,” wrote another person.

The Citizens Covid Response Initiative which Kansenza has donated to was launched last week and over K50 million has been raised.

The money is being used to purchase Coronavirus supplies such as medicines, oxygen cylinders and flowmeters for hospitals in the country.