Teacher commits suicide after testing positive for COVID-19


A 29-year-old high school teacher has been found hanging in a toilet at Maone housing in Limbe a few days after being diagnosed with COVID-19.

Limbe police station publicist Inspector Patrick Mussa has confirmed and has identified the deceased as Dalirani Fulutuma from Ngadziwe village in the area of Traditional Authority Kanduku in Mwanza.

Mussa said that Fulutuma was a teacher at a certain high school in Limbe and was found dead on 19 January, 2021.

“It is alleged that on January 13, 2021, Dalirani went for COVID-19 testing, and the following day, the results came out positive. He was not happy with the results but things started getting better as he was recovering well.

“Surprisingly, on January 19, 2021, he was found hanging to the roof of toilet using a necktie,” said Mussa.

Since he was a patient, medical personnel from Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital were informed and they confirmed thedeath.

Later, they disinfected the body, the house and later handed the body to the bereaved family for burial.

Police suspect no foul play and preliminary findings indicate that Fulutuma had stress and was staying alone in the house.


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  1. oooh poor teacher,why killing yourself?was it because of corona or something else?kausiwa

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