Vehicle washed away in Mangochi after driver attempts to cross swollen river

A vehicle was swept away in a swollen river in Mangochi on Thursday after the driver attempted to cross the river.

Mangochi Police Station has since advised drivers to avoid crossing flooded rivers to prevent drowning incidents.

On Thursday, a Mahindra pick-up registration number BW3428 driven by Moses John, 41 was washed away by moving water when it was crossing Likoloma river.

Mangochi Police Station Publicist Amina Tepani Daudi said the driver was driving from the direction of Makanjira heading Mangochi boma with passengers on board.

Daudi added that upon arrival at Likoloma River the driver found the river flooded and he decided to cross.

Sensing danger, some passengers jumped out of the vehicle leaving the driver to proceed in an attempt to cross the river.

The vehicle ended up being swept away by water.

“No death or injury has been reported but passengers’ property has been washed away,” said Daudi.

She therefore advised to pay attention to weather conditions and forecasts to plan for threatening weather and react appropriately.