Malawi to get Covid-19 vaccine before June

The Ministry of Health says people in the country will start getting Covid-19 vaccine before June.

Secretary for Health in the ministry Dr Charles Mwansambo has told the local media that Malawians will start beneffeting from the vaccine before June this year.

He added that the jab will be administered to 20 percent of the country’s population. This means 3.8 million people out 18.6 million people in the country will get the vaccine.

Meanwhile, Attorney General Chikosa Silungwe has approved the indemnity agreement between the government of Malawi and manufacturers of the vaccine.

There are concerns that the agreement seeks to protect the manufacturers of the vaccine from any liability in cases where the vaccine leads to harm.

On Friday, the opposition Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) said Malawi must question the manufacturers’ confidence in their vaccine.

“As everyone is now aware, the COVID-19 vaccine is shrouded in controversy. Its safety, especially to Africans, is suspect. This is perhaps why the manufacturers of the vaccine are demanding from obsequious governments such as the Malawi Government, assurances that they will not be liable if harm is caused to Malawians,” the party said.

The DPP has since demanded the Government to provide a satisfactory explanation to Malawians within the next 7 days failing which the opposition party will seek the intervention of the courts to protect the lives and health of citizens.