Tanzanian arrested over marijuana

Police in Nkhatabay have arrested Tanzanian national, Casim Mwakawanga, for being found in possession of two bags of Indian hemp weighing 50 kilograms and for entering into the country illegally.

According to the report file by Sergeant Kondwani James Nkhata Bay Police Publicist, Mwakawanga was arrested on January 13, 2021 at Matete roadblock in the district.

Well-wishers alerted the police about the man who was seen boarding a Matours bus at Dwangwa carrying suspicious luggage.

As the bus reached Matete roadblock, officers who were on duty searched it and found the bags in question full of loose cannabis which was eventually seized and the suspect was arrested.

Upon further interrogation, it was discovered that the culprit is a Tanzanian. When prompted, the suspect failed to produce valid travel documents.

Mwakawanga who hails from Kasumulu Village; Kyera area in Tanzania will appear in court soon to answer the charges of being found in possession of cannabis sativa and illegal entry.