Chiwale School in Neno hit by Covid-19

Lessons have been suspended at Chiwale Secondary School in Neno where ten students have tested positive for Coronavirus.

The school has sent back day scholars while students who live on campus have been told to remain on campus as authorities are expected to conduct more tests.

Neno District Health Office Public Relations Officer, Ganizani Mkwate, has told the local media that the 10 students who have Coronavirus are among 19 people who tested positive in the district over the last 24 hours.

On Wednesday, Lilongwe Girls Secondary School also reported 16 positive tests among students at the school.

Today, the school is expected to conduct mass testing and the results of the exercise will determine whether the school will be closed or not.

Since new year, Malawi has recorded a rapid rise in Coronavirus cases with over 3000 new cases recorded. On Wednesday, 591 new cases and 21 deaths were recorded, the highest number of new cases and deaths since the pandemic started last year.

There have been calls from some quarters for government to close schools but a medical expert argued yesterday that Malawi has not yet reached that stage.

There are also concerns that closure of schools will lead to more child sexual abuse cases.



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