10 suspects escape at Nsanje Police Station


Ten suspects, including three arrested for child sexual abuse, have escaped from a cell at Nsanje Police Station.

The inmates escaped through a window in the early hours of today after using hacksaw to cut the burglar bars.

According to a police report, there were 12 suspects in custody of which twelve were in cell number one and the other ten were in cell number two.

All the suspects were on full remand except one who was a convict and another one who was arrested yesterday for the Offence of alleged murder.

Officers on duty included Rex Mulawu Duty Officer, D/Sgt. Nixon Mwankenja duty, D/Sgt. Kakodwa Standby and Sgt. Debora Yasin.

At about 1AM Kakondwa heard a shout by one of the suspects from cell number one saying his friends were escaping through a window.

Yasin informed other Officers on duty who immediately checked in cell and discovered that out of twelve suspects only two were in cell number one, meaning that ten suspects had escaped.

“Immediately the Senior duty Officer Supt. John Timbenao who was out for patrols was informed and together with his patrol team rushed to the Office where it was confirmed. And crime scene was immediately visited where it was discovered that the suspects escaped from custody through the window after they cut the steal bars using a hacksaw,” reads part of the report.

The escapees include Seda Bonzo aged 30, Gerald Mikithayo aged 39 and Anthony Hussen aged 20 who were arrested for rape of children under the age of 16.

Others are Paul Fombe Nyamatcherenga aged 20 who was arrested for theft of goats, Master Themu aged 21 arrested for unlawful wounding, John Basikolo aged 18 arrested for theft of cattle, theft suspect Peterson Fred aged 27 and Frank Keniyasi aged 24 who was arrested for conduct likely to breach peace.

There was also Fred Bello Fombe aged 24 arrested for theft and Lavuna Black aged 21 who was in for Malicious Damage.

Meanwhile, investigations are underway to re-arrest the suspects and those re-arrested face the charge of escape from lawful custody.