Secondary selection: Central Region beats the North, South combined


The number of students from the Central Region selected to secondary schools nearly beats the total number of students from the North and South, just falling shy with two students.

It is currently not established whether this is a government policy to have more students from the Central Region than the Northern and Southern regions combined.

However, a list circulating on social media based on the selection list released by Malawi National Examinations Board (MANEB) shows that Central Region has 929 students selected into secondary school. In contrast, the North has 182 while the South has 749.

During Malawi Congress Party’s one party regime, the North was declared a dead region, left to rot. However, MCP rose to power in 2020 presidential election on a promise of Tonse philosophy which would share the cake equally across the regions.

The North complained against Quota system which key players in and from the region said was a policy intended to kill the region. With a promise to end Quota system and the rhetoric to develop the region, the electorate in the North poured their support for Chakwera.

Livingstonia Synod which was vocal is yet to comment.