Malawi Police say will not shield errant officers


Following the shooting of suspects by police officers and the reported rape of a girl by an officer inside a police station, Malawi Police Service has said it will not shield any officer who commits crime.

National Police spokesperson James Kadadzera said this in media statement on Wednesday.

He said the Malawi Police Service wants to have disciplined and professional officers who are full of integrity.

“Any officer who discharges his duties to the contrary will not be shielded but the law will take its course,” said Kadadzera.

The statement comes as a police officer is on police bail after being accused of using his police duties to rape girl. The officer Andrew Chagaga raped the 17-year-old Polytechnic Student at Limbe Police Station.

On December 12, the girl was arrested at Limbe for an outlawed offence called idle and disorderly and was taken to Limbe Police Station.

Chagaga was the custody officer on duty and instead of placing the girl in custody, he raped her. The officer then released the girl the same night.

He was arrested the next day after the issue was reported to police. Chagaga was granted bail on December 17 and hearing will start on January 27. However, there are reports that Chagaga has been sending death threats to the girl.

Recently, there have also been incidents of police shootings with one person shot in Blantyre and two shot dead in Thyolo.

Kadadzera’s statement on the cases claimed that both incidences happened after the victims attempted to snatch guns from officers.