Islamic Arts Award ceremony to be held in Malawi next month


By Noel Mkwaila

In a bid to promote art and talent among Muslim Youths and the general public, Young Travelers Theatre (YTT) in conjunction with 265 Supreme Events will hold Islamic Arts Award ceremony that is aimed at awarding talented individuals who put their focus on spreading Islamic faith content in the country.

The award ceremony has been scheduled to take place on February 7, 2021 at Dovic Hotel in Blantyre.

Speaking to media on Thursday, 265 Supreme Events Manager, Bester Kayaye said the award ceremony is to recognize players in various sectors of arts hence encouraging people to actively participate.

Kayaye has among others disclosed that the event is to involve Nasheed Artists, Producers, Directors, poets and Comedians.

“The sole purpose of hosting these awards includes acknowledging efforts exerted by various players in ensuring that Islamic content is promoted on local creative industry among others,” he said.

Meanwhile, YTT and 265 Supreme Events say they are prioritizing fairness, transparency and accountability in the process hence they want to determine eligible winners through the voting process.

“The management would also like to emphasize that it has only incorporated 3 modes of voting to accommodate more players to participate in voting process.”

The general public is therefore being encouraged to send SMS through phone numbers that have been posted on their Facebook page, fbl and other means. The Facebook page also discloses vote short codes for each participant.