Analyst says Super League referees need more training

A sports analyst has called for more training for Super League referees following embarrassing incidents in recent Super League games.

The analyst George Chiusiwa has argued that the fitness tests that referees have every four months are not enough for the job.

He further said that the black and white men need extra courses to sharpen their brain and understanding of the football rules.

“As a country we are still behind as far as football is concerned. Referees hold fitness test now and again but this is not enough for them because almost every game teams point at the officiating panel that they are failing to handle some decisions.

“These referees need extra courses to at least understand the rules of the game,” said Chiusiwa.

He further suspected that some referees receive bribes to favour some teams.

During a Tnm Super League game between Mighty Tigers against Ekwendeni Hammers, the match referee was criticized after he did not notice that Tigers was using 12 players. Another incident happened in Mzuzu between Hammers and Mafco game where Steffano Gomani failed to control the game that resulted to his suspension. In Mzuzu last weekend, Macneil Gausi gave dubious penalties to Mzuzu Warriors and Blue Eagles.