23-year-old student shot by Police


Police officers in Blantyre on New Year’s Eve 2020 fired bullets at a 23-year-old student after he sought protection from the officers when he was running away from thugs.

The student Blessings Nyondo is currently admitted in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital as medical workers say they found eight bullet pellets in his body.

Nyondo, on New Year’s Eve, was on his way to a Crossover Night Service. At Kwacha Round-about in Njamba area he met thugs attacking a woman and Nyondo fled.

He then met a Malawi Broadcasting Corporation vehicle which was guarded by two Malawi Police officers. The officers suspected that he was one of the thugs and they told him not to step into the car.

Despite Nyondo insisting that he was running away from the criminals, the officers shot him.

At Queens hospital, medical workers have since managed to remove four bullet pieces that were found in Nyondo’s stomach

“However, he has three bullet pellets in his liver that have not been removed yet because it may lead to internal bleeding. Furthermore, one bullet pellet was found in Nyondo’s spinal code but we are waiting for the neurosurgical team to remove it,” a health worker told the local media.

Meanwhile, Nyondo’s father Getson Nyondo has condemned the law enforcers for shooting his son instead of protecting him and he has expressed hop that the officers who shot the student will face justice.