Witchcraft plane crashes in Chiradzulu


A witchcraft plane crashed on New Year’s Day at a house at Njambe in Chiradzulu.

People in the area stormed the house in the village to check the out the plane.

A woman identified as Estelle Bandawe suspected that the plane was being operated by a man since she heard male voice calling her husband’s name around the time the plane clash-landed.

Social media users have argued that the plane is proof that there is witchcraft in the country.

“But the government still saying there is no witchcraft so what is this???” wondered one commenter on Facebook.

Some Malawians, however, wondered why people continue to practice witchcraft in this day.

“Poor people, they fly in planes at night while they are the poorest during the day. They could venture in banks at night yet come out empty handed. Sham!!If this science was of good faith, they could have introduced it as a subject in schools,” said one social media user on Facebook.

The Witchcraft Act in Malawi dates back to 1911 and states there is no such thing as witchcraft. The legislation makes it a punishable offense to accuse anyone of being a witch.



  1. Nosense osauluka masana bwanji kuti tikugomereni kuti muli ndi luso. Komanso mukanati muziwuluka masana bwenzi air malawi itakutengani ikusowa ma engineer

  2. For real! Today’s world you still writing about witchcraft plane! Ha! Ha! Shame to the writer and shame to a company this guy is working for. What a worst! Please get civilized and start to think as we are in 2020’s.

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