Friends of Goliati gets new leadership


Friends of Goliati, a grouping which carries out charitable activities, has got new leadership with Steven Maseya, the television personality, getting a new role.

The grouping  held elections for its new office bearers to serve the grouping for a two year term for 2021 to 2022 on 28th December, 2020 at Matapwata Secondary School in T/A Chimaliro in Thyolo District.

The event was organized by group members of the grouping led by Dr. Gladson Monjeza. In his welcoming speech Monjeza said, their job was made easy because of the support that members provided for a successful event.

Members of Friends of Goliati

The Guest of Honour at the events was Group Village Headman Katundu who was flanked by Village Headman Mpwitikizi from the area.

Group Village Head Katundu said, he was so impressed with the level of unity existing in the group and was grateful that apart from building relationship of members, the grouping has been able to successfully conduct a number of activities in the area around Goliati.

Steven Maseya who is the outgoing Vice Chairperson directed the Ceremony and presided over the elections.

New office bearers that have been elected for Friends of Goliati Executive Committee to assume their offices effective 1st January 2021 are as follows; Chairperson is Lovemore Mopiha, Vice Chairperson is Mary Mabuwa. James Mponda has been elected to be the Secretary deputized by Ruth Managzi.

The one responsible for finances as Treasurer of the group is Emmanuel Lumbe and his Vice is Maxwell Makombe.

Steven Maseya who was the Vice Chair Person in the previous committee is now the group’s spokesperson and his Vice is Venna Namoyo popuarly known as Ana Achepa.

The grouping has elected Dr. Gladaosn Monjeza as its Project Coordinator and his assistance is Levie Didimu. Welfare Subcommittee is going to be led by Chrsissy Ndawala with Xavier Nakoma as her Vice Welfare Office.

The Executive Committee Members are Pahuwa, Elizabeth Mng’omba, Chelewani, Zavuta Mofolo and Annie Nyanga.

The elections were held in a free, fair and democratic environment as all members actively participated and there were no irregularities.

Since 2017, the group has implemented a number of projects such as supporting the poor and needy including the elderly by providing food and groceries in the areas of Sub Traditional Authority Chidothe, T/A Chimaliro, T/A January, Sub Traditional Mangazi and Group Village Headman Kamoto at Chisoka Health Centre, Mikolongwe Dispensary and other areas.

In 2018, apart from supporting the needy in the area the grouping also organized social football and Netball with some local teams on 31st December, 2018.

Mr. Levie Didimu who was the chairperson of the outgoing Committee thanked members for the support and cooperation rendered to the committee which was elected three years ago.

However, the chairperson said the grouping faced a number of challenges in 2019 and 2020. The grouping did not conduct any activities in 2019 due to Tripartite Elections which was also nullified to pave way for Fresh Presidential Election which was held on 23rd June, 2020 elections. Escalating cases of Covid-19 pandemic reported during the period in question and restrictions effected by government in order to contain the pandemic affected the group’s operations.

Nevertheless, Didimu was so grateful to members for their diligence in making sure the group was still active through social media interactions. He urged the newly elected members to ensure continued growth of the group.

Didimu was quick to point out that to error is human and to forgive is divine, where more people interact, the likelihood of offending one another is inevitable hence the need to forgive one another for the greater good of the group.

The outgoing Treasurer, Steve Nachipo presented a financial report for 2019/2020 financial year to the gathering. The money was raised through membership fee contributions as well as donations.

In his presentation Nachipo said, “As of 27th December, 2020 the grouping had raised K834, 865.00. Total expenditure was at K491, 471.03 of which as of 28th December 2020 the grouping has a bank balance of K347, 393.97.”

In his acceptance speech Lovemore Mopiha who is the new Chairperson of the grouping said unity is essential to the success of the group. Ha said, he will pick from where the outgoing committee has stopped to advance the agenda of the group and take it to another level in his tenure.

At the climax of the event, members had an end of year party where food, drinks, a braii spiced with music were served.

Friends of Goliati has 68 registered members and membership fee is K5000.00 and each member is required to pay K1000 monthly fee among others. It is comprised of people who were born and bred from areas around Goliati Traditing Centre.

The grouping operates in Thyolo East Constituency in T/A Chimaliro, T/A Mangazi, T/A Ngolongoliwa, T/A January, Sub T/A Chidothe and other areas around Goliati Trading Centre in Thyolo District.

Report by: Steven Maseya