AHL employees to hold demos over unpaid salaries

Auction Holdings Limited (AHL) employees will hold demonstrations on Monday in Lilongwe over five-month unpaid salaries.

According to one of the organizers from Lilongwe AHL, they have followed all procedures to stage these demos at the company headquarters.

‘We need money in our pockets, we have left the document at regional labour office and have followed procedures as told by law enforcers to do our sit-in without offending the law it means we have delivered the letters to Kanengo police, AHL and Labour office,” he said.

He then asked the company’s employees including seasonal workers to show up for the vigils so that they should be able to get their salaries.

“We need to go through this fight to get our hard earned money someone is holding. On top of that we want to end nepotism, regionalism system recruiting and poor promotion system you name it.

“Enough is enough, we are tired of empty promises why calling for a meeting instead of giving us our money, we can’t do otherwise but hold these demos to force them to give us our money, schools are opening how can we send our children to school without fees, our families and other things that we need to have in our everyday life,” he said.

AHL employees last received their monthly salary in August 2020 as the company bosses have been claiming that cash flow has been affected by the Coronavirus pandemic.