Youths in Phalombe take authorities to task


Youths in Phalombe district on Tuesday pinned down authorities in the district to explain what they are doing in as far as youth development is concerned in the district.

The youths expressed their views during an interface meeting between youth champions and council members which was organized by Phalombe Youth Arms Organisation (PYAO).

Speaking after the meeting, one of the youth champions, Sasinu Tsoka, said they want the council members which include councillors, chiefs and members of parliament to take issues which they raise in different forums seriously.


“We’ve been asking for youth resource centres for so long but we are yet to get even one in this district, that’s why we came here to remind them what we need as the youths of this district.

“Youth friendly health services has also been an issue as you know we do not have youth corners in our health facilities, we have also asked them to look into that,” he said.

During the meeting, the youth champions also asked the council members to consider including more youths in the development structures as stipulated in the youth policies which say 30 percent in every committee should be youths.

They said presently only one person is allowed to represent them in the committees such as village and area development committees which make them feel sidelined.

In his remarks, Vice chairperson for the district’s council Bernard Komwa, said they have noted the youths’ concerns and will look into them and respond to each of every issue raised accordingly.

“As a council we’ll be meeting soon and in that meeting council members will look into these issues, but as for youth resource centres that I can assure you that we’ve them in our newly developed District Development Plan (DDP) and will make sure that should be implemented,” he said.

In an interview, PYAO executive director Vincent Thom said the meeting was fruitful as the council members have promised to change in the way they see matters to do with the development of the youths in the district.

“With these kind of engagements we know it will help in achieving things that are in the DDP and I know that our councillors and chiefs have noted some of the youths’ worries and they will address them, as organization we’ll continue bringing them together and be discussing such critical matters,” said Thom.