One bullet killed 2 people at Bvumbwe, Malawi Police outrageously claim


The Malawi Police have made an outrageous claim that a single bullet discharged from a cop’s gun has killed two innocent people at Bvumbwe where there was a scuffle. The police claim the killing was accidental.

The claim by the team whose members violently raped innocent women in Lilongwe has received a backlash from members of the public.

Under leadership of President Lazarus Chakwera with his Tonse Alliance, Malawi has been sliding into the oblivion of anarchy. Reports of mob justice, rape and defilement are rising at the speed of light.

But the Malawi police say the two innocent people killed at Bvumbwe had assaulted a police officer and were shot by a single bullet after resisting arrest.

“The preliminary inquiry reveals that the suspect and his friend were resisting arrest, and attempted to grab the firearm. In the process, the firearm was discharged,” said Malawi police publicist James Kadadzera.

However, the police have not revealed the suspected police officer whose gun “discharged” the “bullet” in the alleged scuffle.

It is not known whether the police officer who was allegedly assaulted was also at the scene where the two were killed allegedly in cold blood.

Meanwhile, the Independent Police Complaints Commission is expected to investigate the incident.