Clinician rapes 7-year-old child in Mchinji


A 40-year-old clinician at Mchinji District Hospital has been arrested for raping a child aged 7.

Mchinji Police Officer In-Charge George Mtetemera has identified the suspect as Lovemore Phiri.

According to Police, there was a party at Phiri’s house and the child who is the daughter of Phiri’s workmate attended. At the end, Phiri offered to take the child to her home. However, he raped the child on the way.

The matter was later reported to police and medical checkup at Mchinji District Hospital confirmed that the child was sexually abused.

Mchinji District Health and Social Services Directorate spokesperson, Frank Kaphanso told the local media that there should be justice over the matter.

“Should the allegations be true, then we expect the Police and court to take their duties and bring justice on the matter as defilement is really against the law,” he said.

The suspect will answer defilement charges which  in accordance to section 138(1) of the penal code.

Mchinji Police recorded 39 defilement cases in 2019 but this year the number of cases has risen to 68.