67 accidents recorded in Malawi during Christmas period

Road accident Malawi

Malawi Police say they recorded 67 road accidents which led to 16 deaths during the Christmas period.

National Police spokesperson James Kadadzera told the local media that the accidents were recorded from December 24 to December 26.

According to Kadadzera, the road accidents were mostly caused by reckless driving, speeding and the increase in motorcycle riders who are untrained.

Last year, the Malawi Police recorded 38 accidents and five deaths from the accidents during the Christmas period.

One  car crash on Christmas Day happened in Mangochi when a motor vehicle hit a pedal cyclist before hitting a tree at Mpima Forest along Arthur Peter Mutharika Highway.

The crash led to the death of a pillion passenger and one passenger in the vehicle identified as Mangochi-based journalist Mayamiko Majawa who has been laid to rest today.

Another reported accident occurred in Ntcheu on boxing day where a minibus fell off a bridge and ended up in a river, killing a man aged 32.