Tropical cyclone to hit Malawi on December 30


Weather experts have warned Malawians to expect strong winds and heavy rainfall as Tropical Cyclone Chalane is expected to hit the country on December 30.

In a statement on Thursday, the Department of Climate Change and Meteorological Services said Tropical Storm Chalane has formed to the east of Madagascar in the Indian Ocean at a distance of 2500 kilometres away from the Indian Ocean.

The storm is expected to move across Madagascar and then enter the Mozambique Channel waters on December 29.

“The Tropical storm is expected to make a landfall in Mozambique at Qulimane, a town North of Beira on Wednesday, 30th December and expected to proceed and reach Southern Malawi on the same day, where it is likely to be accompanied by strong winds and likely to cause flooding due to continuous heavy rainfall,” reads part of the statement signed by Director of Climate Change and Meteorological Services Jolamu Nkhokwe.

The cyclone is also expected to enhance rainfall activities as it approaches Malawi.

The Department of Climate Change and Meteorological Services has since assured Malawians that it will continue monitoring the movement of the Tropical Cyclone Chalane and its influence over Malawi’s weather.