Malawi records 860 road deaths


Minister of Homeland Security Richard Chimwendo Banda says Malawi has recorded 860 deaths from road accidents this year.

Speaking at a press briefing today, Chimwendo Banda said most of the road accidents involved motorcycle taxis.

He noted that many motorcyclists operate without a licence hence they do not adhere to laws on the road.

According to Chimwendo, to prevent accidents during this festive season there will be increased number of checkpoints in various roads where traffic police and general duty officers will be conducting traffic checks and security checks respectively.

He added that police officers will have breathalyzers which they will be using to know if a driver is drunk.

The Minister further said that all persons found driving under the influence of alcohol will pay a fine, have their vehicle impounded and driving licence revoked.

Inspector General of Malawi Police Service Dr George Kainja and other police bosses who attended the event assured Malawians that Malawi Police Service is ready to provide security during the festive season as law enforcers will be deployed in several areas to increase presence.

During the patrols, the police officers will also be enforcing Coronavirus preventive measures to ensure that gatherings do not have more than 100 attendees.