Musicians cry foul over crowd restrictions



Local musicians have expressed their displeasure with the government’s decision to restrict public gatherings to at most 100 people.

The presidential taskforce on Covid-19 imposed the festive season measures yesterday, in an effort to curb further spread of the pandemic. This follows revelations that the new wave of Coronavirus spreads faster than the previous one.

The development has not pleased musicians. They are complaining that the season accords them an opportunity to make money through live shows.

Some musicians have said they received advanced payments for the season’s bookings, which they will be forced to pay back should events get cancelled due to crowd restriction.

“Refund us, this December I had bookings every weekend and already got paid for the bookings. December is my opportunity to make more money but restricting gatherings to not more than 100 people risks cancellation of events, thus I will be forced to repay the event organisers,” wrote Avokado

Another musician Atoht Manje has blasted the latest measures. He argues the authorities are selfish for implementing measures which will bite hard the entertainment industry.

The measures package also includes closure of borders for two weeks. According to the taskforce, the festive season is likely to be a bleeding ground for the pandemic since people gather in huge numbers to celebrate.

Meanwhile, Malawi has over 200 active cases of Covid-19.