Man dies after drinking 10 bottles of liquor

Topson Banda

A 28-year-old pub owner has died in Kasungu after downing 10 bottles of spirit during a contest.

The deceased has been identified as Brave Banda and the incident occurred on December 17, 2020 at Kamphungu Trading Centre.

It is reported that Banda owned a pub where he was selling assorted beer and spirits.

On this particular day, he challenged his customers that he could drink 10 bottles of a spirit which contains 43 percent alcohol content.

Thereafter, they struck a deal that if the pub owner emerged successful he would be awarded and his customers would settle the bill.

Banda started drinking the liquor but after the tenth bottle he fainted. He was rushed to Kamboni Health Centre where he died whilst receiving treatment.

Postmortem conducted revealed the cause of death as due to hypoglycemia.

Police have since advised all drunkards to avoid attempting risky undertakings and taking too much alcohol on empty stomachs.

Brave Banda was coming from kamphungu Village in the area of Traditional Authority Kawamba in the district.