Blantyre residents cautioned on rain-related accidents


Police in the commercial city of Blantyre have urged residents to exercise caution especially during this rainy season to prevent accidents associated with rains.

Blantyre police public relations officer Inspector Augustus Nkhwazi said communities in the commercial city needs to follow all precautionary measures so as to have reduced rain related accidents this rain season.

Inspector Nkhwazi said children should not be left unattended to when crossing water bodies such as streams, dams or rivers and he has urged parents not to allow their children to go fishing, swim or play around water bodies.

He added that epileptic patients should be guarded closely and prevented from going to dams, streams or rivers alone and he warned drunkards not to cross flooded rivers while drunk.

“Pupils that cross rivers when going to and from school should be escorted. Further to that, residents are being advised to not seek shelter under trees when it is raining to prevent being hit by lightning.

“Stay indoors when it is continuously raining. Let us all take responsibility of our lives to prevent cases of drowning and other related accidents in this rainy season,” said Nkhwazi.

The publicist has since advised residents in the city to report any drowning incident to relevant authorities as soon as it happens.

Nkhwazi has also urged residents whose houses have developed cracks to be watchful and seek shelter elsewhere during heavy rains.