Mwanza border tightens security ahead of festive season


In an effort to enhance the integrity of Malawian borders and reduce cross-border crimes, immigration authorities at Mwanza border have stepped up border security ahead of the festive season.

This is according to Mwanza border publicist Inspector Pasqually Zulu who said the department is working in collaboration with various stakeholders within and outside Mwanza border including Mozambican counterparts at Zobue Border to make the initiative a success.

Inspector Zulu said activities lined up in the exercise will include Police and Immigration joint ad hoc roadblocks and snap checks, patrols along Mwanza-Zalewa route, Neno district and part of Chikwawa district.

He then urged the travelling community who are leaving and entering Malawi to ensure that all traveling documents are in order to avoid unnecessary delays during the border checks and clearance formalities.

Furthermore, all travellers are requested to use certified mode of transportation and should also have valid travel documents such as Covid-19 negative tests certificate done in less than 72hours, and all supporting documents in relation to the trip.

Considering that child trafficking cases are also high globally, the authorities at the formation are also appealing to the general public more especially parents to be responsible enough when releasing minors across the borders during this festive season for holidays.

To avoid cases of child trafficking during this festive season, the publicist pointed out that strict measures will be enforced to those travelling with minors and he has reminded them to have all required documents.

“Illegal migration and child trafficking have been one of the biggest challenge in the department of Immigration and citizenship services and a nation as a whole.

“We are reminding those accompanying minors to make sure that they have all required documents which include valid travel documents, birth certificate that originates from national registration bureau plus passport copies of either one or both parents and affidavits, plus consent letter from parents.” said Zulu.

The formation since extended the closure time from 9pm to 10pm to ensure passengers are not delayed.