CSOs form tax justice movement


Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) have formed a movement called Tax Justice aimed at monitoring use of taxpayer’s funds in the education sector where over one million children learn under trees.

Civil Society Education Coalition (CSEC) is one of members of the movement and MEJN is a Secretariat.

Speaking with Malawi24 after a meeting on Tax Justice on Tuesday, Board Chairperson of CSEC Jennifer Mkandawire said tax is Malawians’ money and government has a responsibility to make sure that its citizens are educated.

Mkandawire added that the Coalition has noticed that about 1.2 million children across the country are learning under trees which is dangerous for the child hence the need to make sure that children have access to quality education which includes qualified teachers, good shelter and adequate teaching and learning materials.

“The specific areas which we need the resources to be channeled is infrastructure. We are looking at learners learning under the tree and we want to make sure that there is tax justice, the more school blocks are constructed.

“We would also want to see that school books are given attention that deserved, we need more teachers to be trained so that we give our children quality education,” she said.