Man killed by lightning in Nkhata Bay


One person died and six people suffered injuries after a lightning strike in Mfufu Village, Traditional  Authority Malanda in Nkhata Bay on Sunday.

According to Police report by Nkhata Bay Police Publicist Sergeant Kondwani James, the victim is 23-year-old Derrick Gondwe.

“It has been reported that in the early hours of the material date, Derrick slept on the floor in his bedroom while it was raining cats and dogs.  Suddenly, the lightning struck such that its shock spread in many houses around.

“It heavily attacked Derrick who died whilst receiving treatment at Chintheche Rural Hospital.,” said James.

He added that six occupants of other houses got injured and were all taken to Chintheche rural hospital where they were admitted for treatment.

Derrick Gondwe hailed from Mfufu Village T/A Malanda in Nkhata Bay District.

Meanwhile, police in the district are advising members of the general public to be extra careful whenever it’s raining.