Lockdown! Eli Njuchi shuts down Blantyre


Blantyre became the City of Eli yesterday when sensational musician rocked Malawi’s commercial city for his debut album launch.

The 18-year-old musician launched his maiden album called the Book of Eli amidst a mammoth crowd. People from all walks of life could not resist the occasion.

The lad managed to pull the huge crowd, thanks to his popular music and an appetizing lineup of supporting artists which included heavyweights in Malawi’s urban music.

It was the first time for a local urban musician to fill up Robin’s Park in years. Eli follows in the footsteps of Theo Thomson who filled the venue to capacity in 2016 during launch of his album called white Elephant.

Meanwhile Malawians are congratulating the starlet for a successful album launch.

Hyphen posted: “oh man. Just gotta love it. Congratulation to Eli Njuchi and his team for this historic launch. May it only grow from there.”

South African based rapper also saluted the Zitaye hitmaker, “The future is here! Eli Njuchi!”

The event received a major boost from a number of honourable people. Minister of Gender Patricia is among the top authorities who supported Eli.