Family of Councillor shot by police pushes for compensation


The family of former Makhwira South ward Councillor, late Manick Gannet, who was shot and killed by police while he was on duty in August this year, says it is yet to get compensation from Government.


Cotuwege Gannet, brother to the late councilor, disclosed that the family filed a claim to Government seeking compensation through the Attorney General on 8th September, 2020 but government is yet to honor their claim.

Lawyer representing the Family, Mauya Msukwa, confirmed having filed the claim adding that Government was supposed to honor the claim within 90 days as per legal requirement.

Msukwa said they are contemplating of filing a lawsuit against Government as the 90-day period within which Government was supposed to honour the claim has elapsed.

However, Attorney General Dr Chikosa Silungwe said he had not yet seen the compensation claim referring this reporter to Ministry of Justice Spokesperson who requested for more time before commenting on the matter.

Speaking during an earlier interview, wife to late Councillor Gannet, Magret Phaundi, said since the death of her husband, she has been finding it tough to fend for her five children as she only relies on farming.

Chikwawa Police through a report issued on 7th October 2020 confirmed that one of its officers shot Councillor Gannet at Mitondo primary school ground following wrangles that erupted when the National Roads Authority was compensating households who were moved to pave way for the construction of the Eastbank road.

Gannet died from the gunshot wounds at Chikwawa District Hospital. The police report said the shooting was an accident.