Eli Njuchi, the ‘Promised One’ Mafunyeta said must Come Back Again


Few years ago dancehall musician Mafunyeta did a song titled Come Back Again in which he foretold of his death and the rise of a new king of the genre.

He sang: Vic Marley is gone and dead/After me/Somebody must come back again/Because things must come back again…

Almost 7 years after Mafunyeta’s death, a dance hall artist that has taken the urban music industry by storm has come in the name of Eli Njuchi.

This teenage artist is undeniably in a class of his own. His compositions do not tally with his age and charismatically wins the hearts of all classes of people every time he performs.

The year 2020, has seen him raise the bar too high because his Book of Z EP made good sales online few months ago, this month he has clinched the Youth Brand Ambassador deal with one of the telecommunication companies and successfully launched his Book of Eli, filling Robins Park to the brim.

I hope it is not too early to say Eli Njuchi is the artist Mafunyeta heralded and foretold of his coming in Come Back Again. But we can never be wrong to say the artist has made huge artistic marks than his age.

For now we let’s agree to say the future of urban music in general is here, and together let’s celebrate Eli and his Management team for the great strategy that has made them standout in the art industry this year.