Prophet taken to court for grabbing plot in exchange for prayer


One of the well-known prophets in Blantyre has been dragged to court for grabbing a plot of land in exchange for prayer for a sick person.

According to a court document which Malawi24 has in possession, the first defendant, Prophet Favour Ngulube who founded Divine Glory Ministry, is accused of grabbing plot number SW 8.1006/17 situated in Zingwangwa belonging to late Reverend Augustine Banda.

This publication understands that in 2013 Reverend Banda, founder of Victory Life Church, fell sick and he approached Prophet Favour for healing prayers.

After being approached, it is reported that the self-claimed prophet told Reverend Banda that God has told him that if he (Banda) wants to be saved from death he need to share him a piece of land which he was possessing in Zingwangwa township where he constructed 20 houses including his church.

It is alleged that Banda asked for some time so that he discuss the matter with his wife but upon seeing worsening of his situation, Reverend Banda who was suffering from meningitis agreed to share prophet Favour a plot of land in order to get healed.

The family re-approached the prophet telling him that Banda was yet to get well but Prophet Favour told them that God has told him again that if Banda really wants to get healed, his family must move out of the place in question and the family moved to Chilobwe leaving everything at the plot in hands of prophet Favour.

However, Reverend Banda’s situation wasn’t improving up until when the defendant further told the patient that God has once again told him that if Banda is to get healed, he needs to change ownership of the whole land, approximately 300 meters to him.

It is allegedly that the Reverend who was struggling for accepted it on condition that when he will get well, the plot shall be fairly shared but two months after changing ownership to Favour, Reverend Banda died which saw prophet Favour having full control of the land.

It was later discovered that part of the land was in name of late Banda’s church a development which saw trustees of the church taking a court injunction barring prophet Favour from using the land.

The trustees pointed out that late Reverend Banda and his wife kept the whole ordeal a secret and said they only realized later that Banda’s family rented a house in Chilobwe.

The trustees later approached the prophet to have the ownership of the whole land reversed to Banda and his church of which he vehemently denied, hence summoning him to the Blantyre high court.

Meanwhile, the high court is yet to set date for hearing.