Environmental activist removes waste along M1 road

Environmental activist Maloto Chinkombero has removed waste along the M1 road from 6 Miles in Lilongwe as a way of fighting against poor waste disposal.

Chinkombero started the exercise on Tuesday and on Friday he was at Biwi Triangle with the hope of reaching Lilongwe Bridge.

One of the cleaned stretches

According to the activist, he observed that one of the contributing factors to environmental degradation and disasters is poor waste disposal and waste management.

“Malawians have a serious problem when handling wastes. For instance, this M1 road is supposed to be kept clean but there is are piles of wastes along the road and nobody seemed to care for this. So I decided to take action of cleaning it up to set an example,” he told Malawi24.

When he started, Chinkombero only had a pair of gloves, shovel, two waste bins and a tricycle that he used to transport waste collected to area 38 where there is an official dumping site.

On Thursday, Lilongwe City Council joined him with their team and a vehicle and they also joined on Friday when he was cleaning at Biwi Triangle.


His efforts also got the attention of Minister of Forestry and Natural Resources Nancy Tembo who also joined the exercise at Biwi Triangle.

Chinkombero has since urged Malawians to change their mindset and start cleaning their surroundings

He said: “Having clean environment will boost tourism sector as our country will look beautiful, will also help to mitigate climate change and will reduce the risk of waterborne diseases outbreak such as cholera.”