Lowe hopes more farmers will get agricultural advice through new strategy


Minister of Agriculture has expressed hope that the newly launched National Agriculture Extension and Advisory Service Strategy will help the ministry reach more farmers in hard to reach areas with extension services.

He was speaking on Tuesday in Lilongwe during the launch of the strategy. The Agriculture Sector Food and Nutrition Strategy and Farmers Organization and Development Strategy was also launched during the event.

Lowe said government will work together with Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) in providing extension services and farmers can benefit a lot from the cooperation.

“The strategy is trying to coordinate with other players apart from government considering that previously NGOs were working separately, but from onwards we will be working together to reach out all farmers including in hard to reach areas,” he explained.

He also noted that food and nutrition security is imperative if Malawi is to achieve its development goals.

The National Agriculture Extension and Nutrition Strategy for 2020-2024 shows that the 2012 Cost of Hunger survey estimated that the annual cost associated with child undernutrition in Malawi is 10.3% of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP), equivalent to 147 Billion Kwacha which is 597 Million U$D.

The Agriculture Sector Food and Nutrition Strategy is aimed at achieving a well-nourished population that effectively contributes to national growth and development through sustainable and diverse food system.