Linda Kunje’s driver arrested for obstructing Chakwera’s convoy

Commissioner Linda Kunje’s driver has been arrested in Blantyre for obstructing President Lazarus Chakwera’s convoy.

Kunje who is a commissioner of the Malawi Electoral Commission has confirmed the arrest of her driver.

She, however, said she believes the Chakwera administration is persecuting her because she is linked to the opposition Democratic Progressive Party.

Kunje was one of the commissioners who managed the nullified 2019 and was re-appointed into the commission by the DPP.

Chakwera opposed her re-appointment and in September the Malawi leader said she would not get letter of appointment because she was found incompetent by Parliament and the courts.

The arrest of the driver comes weeks after Chakwera condemned the disruption of traffic whenever he travels.

“Being president does not mean the entire country has to be brought to a standstill. There has to be a better way of managing my transit across the country without disrupting the movements of Malawians and tourists for four hours,” said Chakwera on 23 October.