Children’s Centre seeks God’s intervention over rape cases: ‘There is a demon moving around’


Full Armour Children’s Centre on Saturday organised a day of prayers in Lilongwe to seek God’s intervention over rape cases as the centre believes that there is a demon moving around men in the country.

The prayers were held at Botanic gardens in the capital city.

People praying

Full Armour Children’s Centre Executive Director Grace Banda Kamanga said they thought it was wise as an organization that deals with women and children to organise a special day to pray against rape because now the cases of rape are high.

“As Full Armour Children’s Centre we wanted to break the silence as you are aware cases of rape are just going higher and higher even though other Organization have been demonstrating against it but still the bad practice is still going on. So we at Full Armour we thought we should take part to pray for our community so that we all can live in peace because right now our young girls and women are living in fear.


“We all know Malawi is a God fearing Nation and of course some people may think we can’t pray for rape but we can because there is a demon that is moving around us so we can pray for it and that’s the only possible way that I think can really work because when God intervenes in anything there is always a change and we are here to pray and we really hope there is going to be a change,” said Kamanga.

Kamanga added that as Full Armour they will continue also praying for this bad tendency of rape to come to an end.

She said Full Armour Children’s Centre also advocates for women to speak up to break the silence, about the abuse children or the women face.

“We are telling women to speak up against rape even it is the husband who have done it they have to speak up and by doing that this behavior can come to an end and as Full Armour we will continue advocating and continue praying for this,” said Kamanga.

Full Armour supports children with brain injuries and Kamanga said this is challenging since it is run by youth and some people think they are only looking for money.

“Children with Brain Injuries lacks a lot most of the children they can’t eat on their own, others they can’t eat a hard meal they rely on solid meals like porridge so if well-wishers can support us with food and other things it will really help us a lot,” said Kamanga.

The prayers attracted different Pastors, Gospel Musicians and other people from different churches and ministries.

One of the Pastors who attended the event and was one of the preachers, Pastor Blessings Banda, hailed Full Armour Children’s Centre for organising a day of prayer to pray against rape saying that is the only way rape can end.

He said the power of prayer is too much and it is bigger than anything and can change anything which includes the rape cases and gender based violence.

“As the Bible say when we read John 15 it says – “If you will be in me and my words be in you you will ask anything in my name and I will answer and my father will answer you” – so that is why we are here to pray asking God to intervene and help us the situation we are in, because we know God always answers and with God everything is possible and it is our hope that after this prayer we will see change,” he said.

He added that there will be a disaster if Christians do not wake up and pray for the end of rape cases.

“There is a demon that is moving around in our men so the only way to remove such demons in our men is only through prayers. Yes, we can go and demonstrate about it but still the demon will still be in our men so we need to pray hard so that we can remove this demon.

“As a Pastor I understand that these things are in spirit, there is a bad spirit hanging over in our men so the only way to remove it, it is through spirit and that is holy spirit and here we are asking the holy spirit to chase away this demon so that we can see change and our women and girls can live in peace without fear,” said Banda.

Full Armour Children’s Centre support children with brain injuries or Cerebral Palsy. Among other things, the centre provides fees for weekly physiotherapy sessions, empower parents of children with Cerebral Palsy with information and obtain answers about how they can better meet challenges whether physical, emotional financial or educational. It also distributes nappies, diapers as well also food.