Namadingo throws ‘dirt’ at fugitive Bushiri


Musician Patience Namadingo gauges fugitive Prophet Shepherd Bushiri in his latest Wabwera release.

Namadingo let out the song on 27th November amidst Bushiri’s saga. Wabwera meaning he/she is here tackles on the unceremonious homecoming of the self-acclaimed prophet.

The BET Awards aspirant also takes the audience through Bushiri’s journey from Malawi to South Africa, which began in Mzuzu City.

The song mainly encourages people to return home when things go sour in a foreign land. It indirectly likens events surrounding Bushiri’s homecoming to the biblical story of the prodigal son.

Wabwera has drawn mixed reaction from the audience. Others believe it is off key while others are of the view that it is a good product.

“This song is off point. He could have done better by leaving Bushiri out of it,” said Paul Kamuyambeni

“Namadingo has never disappointed. This is a proof of his special friendship with the mic. Machesi ali ndi iyeyo,” commented Donnex Nkhonjera

Perhaps Namadingo attached Bushiri to the song for marketing purposes. Being a musician that always strive to be in the spotlight, his relevance was swallowed by Bushiri’s saga. In this regard, connecting the song to the Prophet was the only way for him to remain in the limelight.