Here tonight, there tomorrow: Chakwera nicknamed Siku Transport


Malawi President Lazarus Chakwera has been nicknamed Siku Transport by some quarters of the society. People calling Chakwera as Siku Transport claim the President has been all over the place these past few months.

According to a statement shared by a State House Facebook page, the incumbent will be on the move tomorrow for Mponela in Dowa to inspect a greenhouse farm.

The statement says “Chakwera will this Friday the 4th December visit the GreenHouse Farm in Mponela, Dowa District ” in order to appreciate “the Israeli funded initiative”.

People commenting on the post have mocked Chakwera over what they say is lack of seriousness at his job as President, earmarking him for the moniker – Siku Transport – because of his busy travelling schedule.

Siku is one of Malawi’s largest and oldest transporting company. The company’s slogan Here tonight, there tomorrow was recently changed to Here Today, There Tomorrow which others believe best describes Chakwera’s never ending journeys.

The Siku Transport is back on the road – tomorrow. This time, not the company.

“Siku Transport…Here Today There Tomorrow”, commented Kayoyo Kayoyo.

Komatu zoyendazi zaonjeza osatumizako Hon Lowe or Vice President bwanji? When is he gonna start working from capital Hill? He is the first civil servant remember nde mmene akuyenderamu khalidwe la ma CEO ongokhalira kunyanja kudya ma allowance mmalo momagwira ntchito mma office lingathe?” queried another.

One MCP supporter told Chakwera to listen to people’s advice to cut his hovering.

Nthawi zina ndibwino kumamvako zonena za anthu. Daily function? Am MCP fan but this is too much”.

“Kupita ku munda mpaka dziko lonse lidziwe?” wrote one person.

Anytime, Anywhere, Any Place, Any ‘Road’, Chakwera is arguably on the move and, in Kayoyo’s observation, ALWAYS.