Lack of staff houses affecting health services delivery


People surrounding Mkhwayi Health Centre in Phalombe district have asked authorities to quickly solve problem of lack of staff houses at the facility which is affecting the people’s access to health services.

In an interview on Monday, the facility’s health advisory committee Chairperson, Leo Majawa, said during night time it is becomes difficult for people in the area to access the health care clinician stays far from the health facility.


Majawa says some of the staff houses are in sorry state which is forcing the clinician to rent a house some kilometres away from the health facility the situation which is worrisome.

“We have serious problem here for people to get assisted during night time is the challenge, our clinician is residing away from here due to shortage of staff houses.

“There is a house here which was being renovated by the health office but the works stopped early this year, we don’t know the reason why they stopped,” said Majawa.

One of the residents of the area, Mercy Thomas, asked the District Health Office (DHO) to speed up in renovating the house saying it is hindering the achievement of the Universal Health Coverage.

She said: “At night you’ve to wait up to an hour in agony for the clinician to come and help you, there is need for something to be done for the renovations to be completed.”

In a separate interview, Phalombe DHO Spokesperson Daniel Chilomo admitted that indeed there is that challenge at the facility and he further revealed that another Clinician is on holiday hence the situation has worsened.

“We know about that problem that people are finding it difficult to get medical attention at night, all this because the other Clinician is on leave,” he said.

Meanwhile Chilomo has promised that the DHO will resume and complete the renovation of the said staff house so that the clinician should be closer to the hospital as procurement problems have delayed the project.

“There was a challenge with procurement of some of the materials and now that has been sorted out as soon the house will be renovated and be ready for use,” said the Spokesperson.