Malawi showing signs of failed state, absent leadership – CDEDI

Centre for Democracy and Economic Development Initiatives (CDEDI) says Malawi is showing visible signs of a failed state and absent leadership under President Lazarus Chakwera’s administration.

This is according to a press statement signed by CDEDI Executive Director Sylvester Namiwa which has been collaborated with the Indigenous Business Association of Malawi (IBAM), the Blantyre Small Scale Business Operators and the Common Path Organization (COPA)

The statement has outlined several issues which have happened in the country since Chakwera came into power which the organisation has described as a sign that the country has gone astray.

CDEDI said the President is showing signs of loss of grip on the country’s reins of power, and he seems to have declared a free for all kind of style of leadership where some of his close allies and the rank and file in his MCP have now captured him and are calling the shots.

The organization said Tonse Administration is busy painting a very rosy picture that they are fighting corruption while there is overwhelming evidence of gross mismanagement of funds and abuse of office by some politicians in the Tonse Alliance government.

CDEDI said it is surprising that there has never been any action against such unpatriotic public servants who were ushered into office on trust that they were going to change things and yet the president is all quiet, pretending as if all is well.

“CDEDI and indeed all Malawians are shocked with Dr. Chakwera’s deafening silence on the National Oil Company of Malawi (NOCMA) fiasco where his cabinet minister, his chief advisor and Alliance partner are reportedly implicated.

“It is worth pointing out that the current situation at NOCMA is a litmus test for Dr. Chakwera’s stand on corruption and it was our expectation that the president would swiftly come in to ‘clear the rubble’ as he always puts it, which is now slowly turning nasty,” reads part of statement.

CDEDI further added that further delays will lead to a fuel crisis in the country since the alleged cancellation of the suppliers’ contracts means interruption of fuel supplies into Malawi.

The organization has also blamed Chakwera for poor handling of Affordable Input Program (AIP) saying it is embarrassing that poor people are sleeping at the selling depots for just for two bags of fertilizer.

CDEDI has further asked for clarification from the vice president Saulos Chilima on the firing of several civil servants describing it as abuse of power.

“CDEDI is demanding the Vice President Dr. Chilima to explain to Malawians if indeed he has given the nod to this unceremonious firing and suspensions of public officers, as part of his public reforms agenda.” Reads another part.

Furthermore, the organization has threatened to call for countrywide demonstrations if the country’s president will keep on being quit on issues which are affecting lives of Malawian citizens.