Lilongwe Water Board praises water board lady


The Lilongwe Water Board has hailed Stella Gondwe, the customer who scratched off the opening time on a signpost at LWB’s Area 25 (B) Customer Service Center, and the board has apologised to the customer for delayed service delivery.

On Saturday morning (28th November 2020), Gondwe visited the service center to pay her water bills only to find it not opened on time as indicated on the Board’s signpost.

Gondwe scratching out the time on the billboard

Together, with other customers, she had to wait for over an hour to be assisted and this made Gondwe stand up and point out the discrepancy.

According to the Lilongwe Water Board website, the board sought an audience with Gondwe on Sunday to appreciate the bravery and assure her of initiatives the Board is undertaking to improve customer care service provision.

Speaking during the meeting, LWB’s acting Chief Executive Officer, Silli Mbewe while apologizing to Gondwe for the discrepancy, applauded her for speaking out about the service provision and how she was treated at the center.

“As a service provider, we really appreciate what she did. We owe her an apology for the service discrepancy. This should serve as a reminder to us that we owe our customers the best services. We should not take our customers for granted,” Mbewe said.

Mbewe emphasized that LWB endeavors to maintain both customer’s trust and a reputation for excellent service through the delivery of custom-made strategies.

Gondwe with Mbewe on Sunday

“This is why in 2016 we developed a Customer Service Charter to affirm our commitment to improving service delivery. The charter spells out our commitment to satisfying customers’ expectations,” he added.

Given the speak-out from Gondwe, Mbewe indicated that the Board would be reviewing its Service Charter and shall be re-orienting its members of staff on the same and shall re-launch the Service Charter.

Mbewe has since labeled Gondwe as LWB’s hero of the year, saying what she did speaks out for all customers.

On her part, Gondwe applauded LWB for acting professionally by reaching out to appreciate her grievances regarding service provision and customer care.

“Being granted such an audience proves that the institution has the interest of customers at heart. I am really humbled. It’s my sincere belief that there will be a change and that the confusion that was there will be rectified,” Gondwe said.

Gondwe has received applauds on social media for her bravery to stand up and demand better services from service providers.