Minister of labour urges employers to abide by set minimum wage


Minister of Labour Ken Kandodo has warned employers against paying workers wages below the set minimum wage.

Kandodo was speaking on Friday in Lilongwe when he had a surprise visit to Hayat, Dia Plastics and Purity Companies in Njewa.

Ken Kandodo

He said it is his ministry’s responsibility to ensure that workers are working in decent environment and that employers abide by government’s set minimum wage which is currently at K35,000.

“Workers need to get decent wages and packages that are good. The workers working environment need looked into with serious consideration,” he said.

He also noted workers who are supposed to wear protective gears need to be provided with the clothes to avoid accidents when these clothes are not worn.

On the issue of expatriates, the minister said investors should ensure that expatriates being deployed to work in Malawi should have valid work permits and qualifications that allows them to work in the land.

“Do not bring in an expatriate where a Malawian can ably do the job,” he said.