South Africans say foreign truck drivers should not be hired in SA

South African Truck Drivers have demanded their government to stop the employment of foreigners in the trucking sector saying foreigners are hired at the expense of South Africans who have Code 14 driver’s licences and are not working.

This follows a spate of violence on trucks in the past week allegedly in protest of foreigners in the transportation sector.

Now, the All Truck Drivers Forum and Allied South Africa has expressed anger and frustration saying foreign nationals should not be hired to drive trucks in the Rainbow Nation.

According to various South African media reports, the group’s Secretary Sifiso Nyathi has accused Cyril Ramaphosa’s led government of overlooking skilled South African drivers.

“So driving trucks is not a skill shortage. We have thousands of drivers in South Africa who are sitting at home with driver’s licence and PDPs and are not working or employed,” he was quoted by Times Live.

It has been reported that another association, Sizwe Military Veterans had planned to protest and chase foreigners out of Johannesburg on Monday.

There have been attacks on trucks across the province and country over the past few days where dozens of trucks have been torched since last week, fueling fears that yet trucking was is looming.

Last year, protests against companies employing foreigners left dozens dead or injured and R1.2 billion in damages to trucks and cargo was reported.

This move will likely affect Malawians who are working as truck drivers in South Africa.

South Africa is well known with attacks on foreign nationals.