Siku to renovate military museum in Zomba

By Synd Kalimbuka

By Synd Kalimbuka

Siku Group has promised to assist government in preserving Malawi Defence Force (MDF) Museum in Zomba.

The assurance was made when the company visited military monument in the old capital Zomba with the Minister of Tourism, Culture and Wildlife Dr. Michael Usi

The company has promised to put a fence around the museum and other structures which will make the area more attractive to the public.

Usi (in red cap) during the visit

In his speech, Dr. Usi thanked Siku Group of company for coming forward with assistance to erect fence around the military museum and some other infrastructures saying this will make the area more attractive.

Usi said this should be a call to other Malawian well-wishers to help in development of Malawian tourism.

He urged Malawians not to disregard tourism saying with guidance of Tonse philosophy his Ministry embarked on writing proposals to private partners to develop the industry.

“Once this industry is well developed, most of the tourists will come to Malawi to appreciate its beauty and historical part of it,” he said.

Managing Director for Siku Group of Company Abdul Rashid said they thought of assisting in boosting the MDF Museum after a call by the minister of tourism.

“This will bring attention to preserve military equipment, attract attention of many people to view them hence generating income to the society,” he said.

The 93 Brigade Commander of Malawi Defence Force Colonel Fostino Gunda Phiri said preserving the history of MDF is very important to entire nation.

Gunda Phiri said for example there are many historical things that need to be preserved especially those from the era of King African Rifles, Federation of Rhodesian and Nyasaland as well as one party system of government to the current multiparty dispensation.

He said there will be assorted items based on the history of MDF like equipment and uniforms.

Usi also appreciated some of the equipment at the museum such as fox armour used during military fighting.